SEO has become more important nowadays than it was in the past. One of the major reasons for this is the immense amount of time and effort medium and large-scale businesses give to online exposure.
That being said, SEO is an extension of marketing. Sure, SEO might stand for Search Engine Optimization, but at the end, SEO really does what marketing is supposed to do: It increases your exposure in the hopes of making more sales or conversions.
Because SEO is an extension of marketing, ideally, there should be no guarantees involved.
Does a marketing firm guarantee that you will make $10,000 sales in the next month with their efforts? Nope! What most honest marketing firms give you is a guarantee that they will work really hard on your campaigns.
Apparently most people expect to get a #1 position for their keyword phrase in the next 2 months. Some also want to “give you all their business if you can get them #1 position”. Some go to the extreme of “paying you online when their website is #1”.
Once again, there are no guarantees in SEO. Anyone who gives you a guarantee is either:
1. Focusing on a keyword term which is not competitive at all
2. Exploiting a search engine loophole, which will not stay for a long time
3. Flat-out ripping you off
4. A beginner SEO who has no idea how SEO really works.
Here are some reasons why it is impossible to give guarantees:
1. SEO specialists do not control search engine rankings, no matter what they say
2. Search engine algorithms change all the time.
3. A website may be hand-edited by the search engine staff and result in decreased rankings
4. SEO specialists have no control on how your competition will react to your efforts.
5. SEO is marketing and by definition has no guarantees.