Starting with Google Caffeine, websites will be judged more by the quantity and quality of the content they harbor. This also goes on to say that ranking high in the search engines will get even more difficult in the future.
In order to play the SEO & ranking game right, you need to have quality content on your website, and not junk content like 90% of the other websites out there.
A lot of webmasters simply syndicate content from other websites or just plagiarize. This is the wrong way to get content for your website.
A better way is to get content written specifically for your website. Make sure that the content:
1. Is interesting to the user. Even boring topics like law can be made interesting.
2. Is unique. Try writing using a different perspective.
3. Can be outsourced. Chances are, you will not be able to write 1-2 posts everyday.
There are many ways you can outsource content writing. The cheapest way of doing so is to use freelance websites like RentACoder, E-Lance and because they force sellers to bid on your projects. For that very reason, the price is driven down as sellers fight each other to win the project.
Normally, a freelance article writing for 500 words costs around $3-9. However, branded websites charge upwards of $30 to get the same work done. Even though there can be a huge difference in quality between freelance websites and branded websites, if you are a little low on cash, you should go with freelance websites.
Here are some ways to ensure good article quality:
1. Tell your writers you will only pay them for articles which follow your guidelines.
2. Make sure they fully understand how you want the content written. Will it be informative, conversational or formal?
3. Will you have additional media in it? It is a very good idea to have 1-2 pictures in your articles.
4. Get a bulk number of articles done from the same author. This ensures low cost and high trust.