Most successful websites do not have an excellent design. But if you look at their level of traffic and conversions, you will be amazed.
How are such websites able to get a lot of exposure and make a lot of money if they are so ugly?
The answer: They rely on providing their users with an effective online experience!
For example, check out Craiglist. Do you think the website owner put a huge amount of effort in making the website look dazzling? Not really. He just wants to make sure that the website was effective in connecting buyers and sellers, providing a good “marketplace” for classified ads. This is an area Craigslist excels at, and that is why it is so successful.
The point is, improving your website design will improve your sales and conversions, but providing an effective user experience is much more important.
Users come to your website for a purpose. Most users will not be turned-off by your website if it is not that good-looking, but they will be turned off if it was really difficult to find a specific item, pay for a service or navigate.
Most webmasters focus more on the aesthetic appeal of their website and fail miserably at the navigation and user experience, which is why their success is hampered.
Go around the web and browse different successful websites. Chances are that they will have a medicore look to it. Upon further inspection, you will get to know that the website is focusing more on excellent navigation, payment systems and content.