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We strive to provide our customers with customized solutions, which directly meet their needs and help them establish their businesses on a firm footing. Before you order our services, please check the following information

Do I need to spend thousands of dollars on SEO in order to maintain a profitable business online?
NO. You can actually save a lot of expenses by making sure you start on the right track. Because we do not provide “standard” solutions, we work with our clients to reduce cost and increase results.

How are the solutions you provide measurable?
Before we start work and after we are done with it, we check and record your rankings so you know how your rankings have changed.

What are the prices for High PR Inner Page Links Service?
Our prices are competitive. We charge $5 per PR 6-9 website link.

What sets Quantum SEO Labs apart from other competitors?
We differentiate our services by providing clients with customized packages to suit their needs and expert advice (free of charge) when you buy a package.

Why does Quantum SEO Labs not provide a guarantee of our rankings?

Although we would love to provide guarantees, we cannot do so because:

-We have no idea what your competitors are doing and how they would react to your SEO efforts.

-Google is known for changing its algorithms constantly (and on short notice) which makes the SEO results  difficult to track over time.

-Because of so many variables involved, giving a guarantee is not practical.

What are the benefits of the High PR Inner Page Links?
Our high quality links provide you the following benefits:

-More inbound links to your website, which increases link popularity.
-Higher ranking in the search engines
-Page Rank increase for your website if you get enough links!
-Increasing your website “worthiness” in search engines

How much experience do you have in terms of SEO services?
We have over 2 years of work experience in the SEO industry. We have tried and tested almost every aspect of SEO and only provide you with solutions which reduce your work and deliver measurable results.
What is the life-span of the links that you build?
The links are placed for the life of the website. This could mean that even by year 2098 your link would be active if the website is still in operation. In case the website ceases to exist (remote chance), we will happily replace your link with a new one free of charge!

Why are the High PR Inner Page Links priced so high?
The links we provide are of high quality. Google likes quality over quantity and we want to capitalize on that aspect. We have seen websites with over 20,000 inbound links which are ranking at the bottom of the search results. We have also seen websites which rank very high but only have 100 inbound links. It is just a matter of getting quality links to your website. Because each link we provide is from PR 6+ websites, the links are worth thousands of times the value of normal PR 0 and 1 links and therefore provide far more value to the user. So yes, if you look at the price of one link, it is high. But if you consider the fact that every one link is worth thousands of standard links, you will appreciate how affordable the links are.

So the High PR Inner Page Links are not placed on a PR 6+ page but instead placed on a subpage of a PR 6+ website?
Correct. People believe that links placed only on a page which contains the high PR helps. This is a proven fallacy. For high PR websites, the PR flows evenly through its links and ANY link on any subpage of the website gets tremendous link juice (if the link is DoFollow).

Also, putting a link on a page with a PR 6+ would be extremely costly (i.e. around $300 for a PR 6 page link).

I am interested in your services. How does the SEO process work?
In short, you fill out a form by going to our Services page and provide the information we want. We then go over your website, check various aspects and provide you with a refined list of keywords we can optimize your website for. Once the order is approved, we work diligently to get your website ranked high. In the end, we send you a customized report, showing you where each link is placed and how your rankings have improved since we started working.

Does that mean I would need thousands of your links to rank high?
Not at all! Our typical customer orders around 80-100 links. Some of our customers have even ranked in the top 5 with as little as 40 PR 6+ website links! It really depends on your website and competition.

I would like to go for a monthly maintenance plan. What can I do?
Simple! Just visit our Contact Page and submit your query and requirements. We would be sure to assist you.

Do you provide critique/suggestions for websites that you work on?
While we provide basic suggestions for small orders, any orders above $1000 come with a FREE detailed website consultation from our team.


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