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The link building game is changing as we speak. Google’s algorithm updates are now more frequent and they can sometimes be devastating to webmasters. The penalties have resulted in countless small businesses losing their income. It has also resulted in tons of paranoia in the online marketing world.

However, even in these times, the fundamentals of search engine optimization remain EXACTLY the same (that is, if you know what you are doing). 

I will give you hard PROOF that it is still very much possible to have a thriving business by ranking on Google Page 1 – in fact, I have done just that hundreds of times for my clients.

I’d like to help you…

Get Your Business Ranked On Google Page 1 Using High-Quality Link Building, So You Can Dominate Your Competition And Increase Your Revenue…


So… how do I do it?

It’s simple really… 

I build links from highly-coveted, high-authority domains to your website. Think of these links as other mainstream websites “voting” for your website, allowing it to rank high in Google and other search engines.

I have been doing this since 2007 and I’d like to believe I have become quite good at it.

My team and I have been able to get my clients on Page 1 in many different niches. Law firms, car dealerships, dental clinics, ecommerce stores, we have pretty much done it all.

Now… If you want to improve your business’s income considerably, read this page very carefully. Spending 15-20 minutes reading this page might make the difference between losing a lot of money online trying shady marketing tactics or having a successful business which stands the test of time.

Let’s start from the beginning.

My name is Yasir Khan and I am the owner of Quantum SEO Labs Inc., a Canadian-based link building agency which has been around for 10+ years.

I have been featured on Business Insider, Entrepreneur.com, Glassdoor and many other mainstream websites.

I have been studying SEO and link building for a long time now… to the point that it has become second nature to me.


Over the years, I have:

    1. Served over 1,200 clients from over 36 countries in the last 12 years.
    2. Helped them rank in Google Top 5 for extremely competitive keywords, resulting in a considerable increase in their bottom line.
    3. Ensured their websites keep ranking high, even after most major and minor Google updates that have been rolled out over the years.
    4. Ranked 100s of clients on Google Page 1 for 1000s of their keywords

Needless to say, if you need proof of my track record, I’d be happy to share that with you.


What Is Link Building?

Simply put, building backlinks means getting “votes” from other sites to your website. The more authoritative the website voting for you is, the more of a benefit you’ll get in terms of ranking high in Google.

In other words, building backlinks is the “currency” of the web.

Websites which have a lot of good backlinks reign supreme. Websites which don’t, fail.

Google has reaffirmed many times that a huge component of ranking on Page 1 comes down to getting high quality and relevant links pointing to your website. 

If you look around, you will see that all the mainstream websites have one thing in common:

They have a lot of high-quality links pointing to them. 

That is mostly what makes them “mainstream”.

Building links has been extremely important in the past and I believe it will remain so for the foreseeable future.


Link Building In Google’s Eyes:

Google has only 1 goal in mind: To show people the “right” content so they’re satisfied.

That’s the long and short of it.

That said, link building theory is actually quite complicated.

From PageRank to DoFollow and NoFollow links, to canonicals, I won’t bore you with the details. 

So let’s keep things simple. 

Google rewards your website by placing it higher in the search results when the following happens:

    1. When your website provides the user with a good user experience, which basically means that the site loads quickly and gives the user the information they want.
    2. Your website gains backlinks from other relevant authority websites. 
    3. When link building is conducted at a steady rate. 

This is what will show you results.

And if you notice, much of this is related to link building.

That said, Google has 100+ different ranking factors it looks at to decide where to put your website (or more precisely, your webpage) in the search results but the list above give you a good idea as to what needs to be done.

Also, Google has been updating their algorithm frequently the last few years, but if you take care of all the fundamentals above, your website will keep ranking high and bring you considerable traffic and sales over time. 

But the good thing is that you don’t need to understand all of it because that where people like myself come in. 

We have gone through the grueling link building trial-and-error so you don’t have to.


The Major Issue With Link Building Services:

While link building strategies work extremely well when they are done the “right” way, the issue is that most SEO companies take the easy route.

And by that I mean… they use software to build low quality backlinks to their clients’ websites in order to make a quick buck. 

Now, to be fair, this does work but only for a little bit of time. 

Long term, these websites are demoted or simply penalized in Google search results and the webmaster has to start from square one. 

It all comes down to 2 simple facts:

    1. The link building and SEO industry isn’t regulated.
    2. Anyone with a laptop and an internet connection can become a link building “expert”

In other words, there’s a lot of noise in the link building space. 

Ask 10 link builders what they’ll do to get your website to rank on Google Page 1, and they’ll give you 20 different answers. 

So what’s the solution?

Go with link building agencies which have a proven track record of getting their clients results.

Easier said than done, I know.


Custom Link Building Services:

Here’s the thing. 

I don’t provide cookie cutter packages. In fact, me and my team hate that approach. 


Because every website is different and has different needs. 

If you run a law firm, your needs will be very different from say… a car dealership. 

If you’re a dentist, your link building needs will be very different from that of an ecommerce store.

Many SEO companies still provide cookie cutter packages for different clients, and we believe that is the wrong way to go about it.

So how am I different?

Every month, the link sources I use to build links to your websites will vary. 

Their number will vary.

And so will their concentration.

Sometimes we will conduct outreach to your peers to get extremely powerful links while other months we will send out a juicy press release to 300+ news sites like The Daily Herald and Market Watch. 

Some months we will get you 3 powerful links which will be equivalent to 10,000+ low quality links…

And in other months, we will get powerful blogs around the web to vouch for you. 

And some months we’ll realize that it is more important to adjust your website’s meta-tags and on-page factors instead of solely building backlinks, so we will do that.

We have used this approach to benefit hundreds of our clients, so we know it works.


Link Building Sources:

We don’t have a specific rule as to where we build your links from.

I use my 13+ years of experience to manually figure out where to get your website high-authority backlinks every single month. 

However, to give you an idea as to what we do, we normally build backlinks from the following types of websites:

    1. Relevant and mainstream blogs such as Forbes, Huffington Post, Adweek etc.
    2. Guest posts on authority sites
    3. Powerful local and regional news sites
    4. The all-powerful Wikipedia
    5. Educational websites (i.e. those powerful websites which have been around for 20+ years and have millions of backlinks. Think Harvard, Stanford and MIT)
    6. Government websites (the ones ending with .gov)
    7. Quora.com, where we write unique, relevant content for you and answer questions so you can get a powerful backlink from it. 
    8. Commenting on relevant blogs which have very high domain authority

But once again, this is an over-simplification. 

Link building is both an art and a science and it is difficult for me to condense thousands of hours of research into a handful of bullet points.


Premium Link Building Services:

Our backlink building company is geared specifically towards webmasters who are willing to invest more into their website so they can benefit much more in the future. 

The service I provide is premium, which means that I charge more than many other SEO companies in order to show you better results.

Please remember that link building is an investment, and that doing it the right way will lead to a much higher ROI down the road.

Here’s what I offer when you go with me:

    1. Access to contributors to mainstream sites: I have personal relationships with contributors to major websites such as Adweek, Forbes, NY times, Harvard and more. For this reason, we will be able to build powerful links for you.
    2. Customized link building: There are no packages. Every link we build is unique, powerful and effective
    3. Personalized support: As opposed to other link building companies where you will talk to their junior staff if you have questions, I make sure I personally answer all of your questions. In this way, you can use my 13+ years of experience in the link building space.
    4. Long-term ranking results: I ensure that our link building strategies will show you results. I begin with the end goal in mind.


Link Building Packages:

Here’s where we really differ from other link building companies:

We don’t provide a specific link building package… because once again, every client has different SEO needs.

However, when you request a quote, we will check your website and the keywords you want to rank for. I will then get back to you in terms of the monthly SEO investment that is needed to see good results. 

To give you a general idea, if you’re in a city of 100,000 people or less, expect to invest around $1,000 per month into link building with us. 

If you’re in a city of 500,000 or more, expect to invest around $3,000 per month into SEO.

And if you’re running a national chain or an ecommerce store which caters to a nationwide audience, the monthly investment required can easily cross $5,000 per month. 

For most of my clients, after 4-6 months, the SEO budget doesn’t come out of their own pockets anymore. 

This is because by that time, the website sees a decent increase in organic traffic and the revenue that they bring in usually either offsets the cost of link building, or exceeds it. 


Link Building Expectations:

Ah, expectations. 

Something which can easily throw off even the most carefully planned link building projects. 

The truth is that link building is a long game. 

This means that if you want instant traffic to your website, link building just isn’t the way to go. You’d be happier if you went the pay-per-click route. 

If anyone else tells you anything different, they either don’t know what they’re talking about or they’re lying to you. 

On the other hand, if investing for the long-term appeals to you, and if ranking for hundreds or even thousands of keywords in Google excites you, then you’re at the right place. 

See, link building takes a bit of an investment in the beginning, but if you do it the right way, it brings in traffic for your website for years down the road. 

Traffic which… in many ways… is essentially free. 

But for link building to generate ROI for you, you need to first invest in it. 

Simply put, here’s how it usually works. 

If you’re a local business owner (law firm, dentist, chiropractor, car dealership etc.), please allow us at least 4 months to show you decent results.

If you’re a national ecommerce store, please allow us at least 8-12 months to show you a decent increase in ROI. 

Once again, if you’re expecting anything meaningful SEO-wise in the first month or 2, we might not be a good fit for each other. 


Monthly Link Building Services:

Some people who contact me for link building don’t realize that it needs a monthly commitment to show good results. 

This is probably because unscrupulous link building vendors have worked on their sites before, and they’ve been told that getting ranked on Google just takes 1 blast of 10,000 backlinks. 

Frankly, this is horrible advice. 

If you want to see results, you have to get quality backlinks built to your website every month for a few reasons:

    1. Google rewards websites which build links consistently by ranking them higher, generally speaking
    2. The more backlinks you build, the more traffic your website will receive, both through the links and through organic search
    3. Any keyword which is even remotely competitive will require you to get high-quality backlinks since backlinks will “vouch” for your website

In other words, monthly link building is essential if you are looking for a long-term SEO strategy.


Proof That My Link Building Firm Gets Results:

I’ve been in the industry for 13 years now. 

I have seen the ups and downs, and many times I’ve been hanging on by a very thin thread. 

But all of that has helped me understand what it takes to be successful. 

It all comes down to perseverance, trial and error and then then replicating what works. 

I now have many clients ranked on Google Page 1 for thousands of keyword terms. 

If you’d like to see screenshots of client rankings, you can either contact me or click on the PROOF page to get more information.


My Expectations From My Clients:

Over the years, I have realized something profound. 

People who are serious about what you offer, and who value your skillset are the ones who will stick with you long-term. 

And they will also be the ones who will see the best results. 

Towards that end, I think we would be a good fit to work together if you understand that: 

    1. Link building and SEO is a specialized skill which takes time and effort to show results
    2. It is a slow process
    3. The more you’re willing to invest in it, the better the results (generally speaking)


Do You Have Questions Before You Sign Up?

It can be entirely possible that after reading all the information on this page, you still haven’t found the answer to your question, so you can get in touch with me quickly. 

I reply to all emails personally and I am usually very quick at getting back. You can expect me to respond to you within 24 hours, even on weekends. 

If you want to get in touch, please go here

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Meet Yasir

My name is Yasir Khan and I have been involved in SEO and link building for 13 years now. I have built 3 companies and have seen a lot of ups and downs during that process. Despite that, I still absolutely love what I do and like you, it was never about the money - it was the passion that drove me towards helping others. I love helping my clients rank their websites on Google Page 1 so they can increase their revenue. I have helped law firms, car dealerships dentists, e-commerce stores and many other business owners see a considerable increase in revenue.