When I first started online marketing, I came across thousands of products, ebooks and services which promised me $1000 a day in “less than 24 hours!”. As it turned out, I lost 20 times the money I made and started thinking that internet marketing is just a huge scam.
But now, after spending a lot of time trying out various methods, I can personally tell you that internet marketing is very lucrative. But you have to know what you are doing.
The bad part: Most people get pulled in by over-hyped products, spend thousands of dollars on things which do not work and then quit.
It seems that everyone out there is looking for that one secret to online marketing which will make them millions. I want to tell you that there is no such secret. If there ever way, you would not get to know it in a $47 e-book or a $1,997 course.
Think about it, if someone actually did make $1,000 per day using a “secret technique”, do you think they will sell you that technique for $47? Although there are some internet marketing e-books which provide you valuable information, dont mistake them for secrets other people do not know.
That being said, what exactly is the secret to online marketing?
It is consistency.
If you are advertising online, you need to try different methods to see which one sticks. And by trying different methods, I do not mean changing methods every 3 days because they do not work. You have to be patient.
Here are some points to guide you:
1. Article marketing: Depending on your niche, you might have to wait from 2-6 months for your article to give you the necessary benefit. Also make sure you use an automated software like Article Post Robot to distribute your unique articles to multiple directories. Make sure you spin the article before submitting.
2. SEO: If anyone tells you that they can make you rank #1 for a competitive keyword phrase, two things are possible: They are either lying, or can actually do that but will get you banned very soon. SEO is a long term investment. Think of it as something which is necessary to market so do not settle for “10,000 links for $29.99 per month!” offer.
3. Press releases: If this is the first time that you have submitted a press release and nothing happened, do not despair. You need more than 1 press release to “make a hit”. A lot of companies send out 3-4 press releases per month which ensures them a lot of business. Make sure you do not ban all your strategy on one press release.
4. Social media: Social media can be very lucrative, but is also one of the most difficult things to master. You need to take out time to brand yourself properly, attend to your customers needs and have a mass appeal few businesses have.
In conclusion, make sure you are consistent with the methods that you employ for online marketing.