Everyone knows that affiliate marketing works, but statistics suggest that only a handful of people are making money in this cut-throat market. The mass majority of people earn NOTHING when it comes to affiliate marketing.
It also goes without saying that there have been hundreds of books written on affiliate marketing. Even though these books provide good methods to make money from affiliate marketing, most newbies do not even make a dime.
I have been checking many affiliate product websites and they have a lot in common: Their sales page has pictures of expensive cars and homes, a “proof of earnings” such as checks showing 5-figures etc and an “easy” ebook that you need to follow in order to get rich. All this makes sure that their visitors convert at a high percentage and that the authors make a lot of money. Greed is always a powerful motivator.
Now, the author of the affiliate marketing books always teaches people the right stuff. The only problem is, the information mentioned in the ebook is never complete. A huge problem with affiliate marketing ebooks is that the contain little or no information on how to get quality traffic to your website. This area of negligence makes it impossible for the reader to make money online.
A lot of ebooks simply mention “try to get quality traffic” or “your best best is to get relevant traffic” etc. They just tell you to buy traffic from Adwords, try to rank high in Google or submit your content to social bookmarking websites. But they fail to mention HOW to use those techniques in the right way to get the maximum traffic.

For these reasons, anyone who is new to affiliate marketing loses a lot of time and/or money by trying to follow what was mentioned in the ebook. You can have a fabulous affiliate website but if you have no traffic, you will make no money.
This article is not written to bash the authors of affiliate marketing ebooks. It is simply written with the intend to let you know what the inherent fault is when you read these kind of ebooks.That being said, you can make a lot of money online through your affiliate website if you simply understand how and where to get quality traffic to your website.