I started Quantum SEO Labs in March 2009, after a grueling year of testing out different SEO tips & tricks and trying out various online marketing strategies. In the beginning when I tried to learn SEO & internet marketing, nothing made sense! I spent over $4000 on various e-books, courses and services, only to find out that nothing worked. Although this might seem like a small amount when compared to other newbies who have lost thousands, for me it was quite a huge sum. I finally started becoming successful when I kept on focusing on just one technique for a prolonged period.
To cut the long story show, after 2-3 months of running the company, managing the customers and testing the market, I decided to venture out directly into the market and make the company known by sending out a paid press release.
Through the countless reviews I have read, I came to realize that www.prweb.com is one of the best online newswires available. Once I was done testing the waters, I spent $140 on a press release on www.prweb.com, letting everyone know about my company.
The results were quite surprising. For one thing, I received a call from a Canadian journalist, who suggested an interview in order to get more publicity. Apart from that, the press release was sent to over 250,000 RSS subscribers, regional targets and media digests. Till this minute, I have had over 13,000 impressions of my press release and around 1300 page reads, suggesting that the press release was well-worth it. The best part, however, is that the press release is only 18 hours old currently.
In my opinion, the $140 that I spent on www.prweb.com has helped me increase my exposure to a huge extent. Online media is one of the easiest ways to get your message across if you do it the right way. I understand that most people shy away from press releases because it makes them “visible” in the market, but if you have a unique idea or product, not sending out a press release would be stupid.
That being said, just because a lot of people do not put in the effort to write a proper press release and send it to the media, chances are that people who do focus on this measure will benefit a lot. For one thing, press release websites contain NO spam. Secondly, only high quality, targeted content is approved for publication.
I would suggest sending out a paid press release every month for your online business to be an easy way to increase your revenues.