Everyone seems to just love article marketing until they know how much work is involved to actually get a steady flow of traffic to your website through this measure. The fact is, while article marketing might sound easy, it is not the fastest way to get traffic and sales.
On the internet, there are 2 ways to generate traffic: Paid traffic and free traffic. The problem is, free traffic never is free, because you pay for it by investing your time in it. Paid traffic works great if you have some cash and this is how established internet marketers make money online. Free traffic is used by people who are focusing on a niche and want to establish a long term presence.
So is article marketing worth it? It really depends upon you. But my research says that article links are not really worth it. You need thousands of them pointing to your website to gain a considerable amount of link juice. Article links are worthless because nearly everyone submits their duplicate articles to article directories for a link back. And because there are so many outbound links from article directories, the link power is diluted.
But article marketing can be valuable if you want to get more than just backlinks to your website. A lot of successful online marketers use article marketing to become an `expert` in their niche. The articles allow them to pre-sell their products to their customers. In this way, article marketing can really help you increase your sales.
The bottom line is that very few people actually take the time to write articles and build their websites content. Article marketing can prove to be lucrative if:
1. You know a lot about your topic of discussion
2. You can pump out 1-2 articles per day for months
3. You can effectively pre-sell your product in your articles.
In conclusion, article marketing can be lucrative if you manage to pump out 200-300 quality articles. You can also use article marketing to provide useful information to your prospective customers. The only downside of article marketing is that it mostly requires a lot of time to prove fruitful.