Google has lately announced that they will, in the near future, implement a new architecture, which is called Google Caffeine. This move by Google will almost directly affect many online businesses, simply because most websites will see a change in rankings.
So what is Google Caffeine anyway? It is not an update, but a whole new architecture, which Google has created in order to make search results more relevant and quicker.
No one knows what the real algorithm is, but by reading many different peoples opinions on it as well as doing my own research, I have come to the following conclusions:
1. If you own a spammy website (or a bad quality website) with loads of junky inbound links, your website might not even be included in the index.
2.If you have a thin website, you will lose out big. Caffeine gives extra weight to content on-site.
3. If you have an authoritative website, you should be happy because you will most likely see an increase in rankings.
4. Google Caffiene just kicked the real-time result integration up one notch, which means that if you own a website which constantly generates new content, you will benefit from the new algorithm.
5. The new algorithms almost always benefits websites which have more sound on-site SEO.
6. You should get more content writers for your websites because more content is what the new algorithm seems to favor.
7. If you are operating your website to make a quick buck, Google Caffeine will surely disappoint you.
8. Snake oil SEO salesman are in for a huge trouble, because their techniques will be far more ineffective.
9. Contrary to popular belief, I think that good quality inbound links will still be hugely beneficial.
10. There will be a huge gap between websites which utilize cheap SEO techniques and the ones which utilize better quality SEO methods.
Does Google Caffiene cause major problems for SEO specialists? I do not think so. What Caffeine does however is to make sure that people looking for a quick fix to get the top rankings fail miserably.
SEO takes time and patience. Think of it as an investment in your business. If your website develops authority, you will get a much higher ranking (over time) in Caffeine which your less-savvy competition will not be able to overcome.