I am sure this is not the first Unique Article Wizard review that you are reading. People are more prone to going through 5-10 reviews of a product before deciding to buy it. And the reason why they read 10s of reviews is because most of the reviews are hyped up and provide biased information.
So let me provide you the right information.
Unique Article Wizard is a piece of software which is designed to spin your article (by making many different unique versions out of them) and allows you to select hundreds of anchor text combination for the resource boxes. Other softwares try to do the same thing and fail miserably.
Sticky submissions:
That being said, for one reason or another, the submissions from this software actually stick. I have seen many of my articles showing up over 500 unique versions in Google when I used the phrase match search. This definitely adds to the reach of the software.
If you compare it with other tools, although you can use them to submit to over 2000 directories, only 50 links show up because most of the directories are crappy and some of them do not even exist anymore.
Up-to-date database:
The good thing about this software is that the number of article directories and private blogs in the database keep on increasing. It a certain website stops functioning, it is taken out of this software’s database. The result? Submissions to current, high quality websites.
No More “Accounting”:
However, one of the best parts about this software is the fact that you do not have to make any accounts. I have made over 500 accounts in a week for article submissions, which took a huge toll on my time. With this software, you only submit and article and the staff (and the software) takes care of it for you.
I used another software a year ago, which used to take me 8-10 hours to signup for all the accounts on article directory websites AND used to take me 1-2 hours to submit one article to 200-300 article directories. With Unique Article Wizard, you spend no time making accounts and only 30 minutes submitting your UNIQUE articles to over 800-100 directories.
My conclusion:
This software does what it is supposed to. I have looked into quite a lot of article submission software, but most of them are crap. This software is good enough that I constantly keep on paying USD 67 per month for it. Coming to think of it, I have generated over 10,000 links using this software in the last 3 months alone.
If you are thinking about article submissions, you are mostly concerned with getting a diverse number of high quality links to your website in the least time possible. This is what this software does.
Give it a try:
Give the software a try. What do you have to lose? Purchase Unique Article Wizard here.