I was going through some SEO related threads on Warrior Forum and realized that nearly every other attention grabbing SEO thread centred around providing users with a new way to build links. The interesting part is, most of it is rehashed info and there really is no new way to build links. The marketers who are trying to show you the new way are actually packing the old ways of building links in a new gift wrapping and presenting it to you.
Because there were a lot of new link building methods showing up on many forums, I wanted to go ahead and make a brief post about all the different types of links that you can evert possibly get:
1. Directory submission links: Most directory links provide little SEO power and are mostly used as filler links to augment other high-powered links.
2. Article submission links: Not really effective (unless you submit to top directories such as GoArticles and EzineArticles). These links are also mostly used as filler links as I have NEVER seen websites ranking high solely due to article links.
3. Profile links: These links can be very effective provided that the source website is high PR and the link placed is actually DoFollow. Also, this only works if the link is not taken down 😀
4. Press Release links: Read article submission links, especially for free press release websites, which are pure junk for the most part.
5. RSS aggregator links: Submit your RSS feed(s) to multiple RSS aggregators and you will see an increase in links. Depending on the niche that you compete in, this strategy can be quite helpful. But in order to keep it worth your while, you have to keep on making posts to increase the content that your RSS feed syndicates.
6. Web 2.0 links: Featuring websites like Facebook, MySpace etc, these links can be helpful especially if they are DoFollow. Apart from that, they also help in getting direct traffic to your website.
7. Social bookmarking links: Websites like Fark, Connotea, Mr. Wong etc can hold a repository of your links which can be really effective. Many websites are DoFollow, which really help getting you ranked high.
8. Links from FFA websites: You see them advertised as get 10,000 links for only $49.99 per month. If you want to play it safe, do not get these types of links.
9. Editorial links: By far the best kind! These links come from within the content of a post on a high quality website. The problem is, getting these kinds of links is quite difficult (for the most part).
There! These are all the type of links that I know. Maybe I missed a few categories. If I did, let me know!
The point is, different methods of link building only amalgamate these link sources in different ways and call it a new method. The link sources never change!