Out of the thousands of webmasters who are trying to succeed online, only a small percentage make enough money to sustain their operations. An average webmaster reads over 10 SEO & traffic ebooks a year, in my opinion. Even with all that information, most of them do not seem to understand the critical underlying factor for SEO.
If you are trying to get traffic to your website yourself, I have news for you: YOU CANNOT DO EVERYTHING YOURSELF!
As an example, an over-enthusiastic website owner starts blog commenting, forum posting and getting reciprocal links. What he does not know is that doing all this himself is just not sustainable (unless he has absolutely nothing to do the whole day, in which case he has bigger problems). When I was new to internet marketing, I tried doing all this stuff myself and got burnt out in a month. Why?
Because of information overload! You just cannot read other users comments and reply to them in an orderly fashion the whole day. You will get bored and tired! You are only human!
For that reason, I have always found SEO and outsourcing companies to be life-savers. If you are doing SEO and link building yourself, I feel that you are burning yourself out and not even saving a lot of money.
Remember, when you hire a SEO company, always go with quality over quantity. It does not matter if a SEO company can provide you with 10,000 links from articles! You need a handful of high quality links to do the trick for you.
As an additional note, when you are outsourcing, make sure that you explain exactly what needs to be done, step by step. Since I started giving my outsourcers the exact, step by step information, I have reduced my costs by 40%.
Anyways, the point of this whole rant is to get you to stop doing SEO yourself. Your job as a website owner is to brainstorm the marketing and operational aspect of your business. Hand out the SEO job to the SEO company and the marketing (and any redundant jobs) to your outsourcing company.
This tip is guaranteed to bring you traffic in the long term. It will also give you peace of mind!
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