Let us look at what the established internet marketers are doing. Do you think they spend 10 hours a day on their computer, building links to their websites. Far from it. Established marketers outsource everything but their core competency! Doing this enables them to focus on things which matter the most to them.
Think about it: Instead of trying to get all the links to your website by yourself, utilize the services of an outsourcing company! Go to Google and search for the term: Outsourcing India, and you will find many companies which provide all rounded services. I have personally tried www.outsource2india.com and they are very efficient at what they do.
Once you select an outsourcing company, you can ask them if they have adequate personnel to take care of the link building for your website. Even though you can get links built by simply hiring an SEO company, doing so will increase your costs, will make you lose your control over the work being done and will take away from your bottom line. Furthermore, chances are that the outsourcing company you selected will have very knowledgeable people to attend to your SEO.
If you are wondering why I asked you to Google up outsourcing companies in India, it is because they are among the cheapest and the most productive (mainly due to their currency). Many of them charge around $5 an hour!
You can get your outsourcing company to do informed blog posts, forum posts, directory submissions, social media ads etc on your behalf. But before you hire an outsourcing company, understand the fact that initially you will have to train them for the first few days. Once they are trained, you can send them your work without active supervision.
Remember, the goal here is to not do everything yourself. Do not try to attend to everything at once; it will make you burn out. Instead, formulate a plan to go about your internet marketing and let your outsourcing company do the work for you!