I just read a SEO book which made the process of driving traffic sound a bit too easy. What the book essentially required you to do was to use article marketing as the primary way to get visitors and make sales. The ebook also mentioned how you can make thousands per month using only article marketing! Another ebook I downloaded said that you can make thousands a month using only Bookmarking Demon as your promotions tool! I had a good laugh.
In my opinion, these ebooks make website promotion sounds like a piece of cake. Reality is different. 95% of the website owners will never figure out how to get traffic!
Essentially, whenever you read a traffic or SEO ebook, you should always understand that the reason the author makes the process sound simple is to make more sales. Who would buy an ebook knowing that the solution the author proposes is not easy to do!
That being said, getting traffic to your website is very much possible. Note that I said possible and not easy. My methods of getting traffic to my website are the following:
1. Article marketing – churning out 2 articles per day and submitting them to 150 directories each
2. Forum and blog comments – whenever I have free time
3. Yahoo Answers and Yedda – for getting qualified traffic & helping users out
4. Link building from high PR websites – a must!
5. Adwords – it works after you test the hell out of it!
In conclusion, if someone tells you that driving traffic to your website is the easiest thing to do, they are lying! There is no such thing as easy traffic, unless you are operating in a niche where there is minimal competition.