Keyword density has always been a topic of discussion in SEO and internet marketing forums. The reason why it is deemed important is because in the older days, keyword density was one of the most important factors to attend to. In 2000, if you wanted to rank high for a specific keyword, you would stuff in your keywords in the title tag, description tag, keyword tags and also in the content area.
But times have changed. Now, keyword density is a measure which does not really make or break you in the SEO game. Sure, it is good to have repetitions of your keywords in your content, but it will not make a huge difference. Search engines have come to realize that people simply exploit these tricks in order to rank high. For this reason, they have stopped giving a lot of credit for undertaking these measures.
Does this mean that you should not care about keyword density? In my opinion, I do not really care about the keyword density when writing my content. It just happens normally that my articles show mostly have a 2% keyword density, which has worked fine for me. The point I am trying to make is: Even if I have a 0.5% keyword density, my rankings for that content page would not really have suffered.
When you are doing SEO, think about the bigger picture. If something can be replicated by a lot of people to exploit search engine loopholes, chances are, Google will put an end to it. So instead of counting your keywords and checking the keyword density, just write good, convincing content which will force your readers to come back to read more of your articles.
If you look at the top ranking websites for any niche, you will find that they have great, quality content. The also have multiple writers which keep on adding new content to the website. These writers do not really go out of the way to see whether the keyword density condition is being fulfilled. They just write quality content in hopes that their visitors will find it useful.
In conclusion, leave the small things aside and focus on the bigger picture when you are doing SEO. Established internet marketers mostly do not care about small things such as keyword density.