“No matter how junky incoming links to your website are, they will never hurt you!”…
Ever heard a “link building guru” say that? Chances that, you have. Most link builders believe in it so much that they just are not willing to listen to any counter-arguments.
Because they think that bad or junky links do not harm their website, they keep on getting those “10,000 links for$74.99” link building offers. They are very happy when, in the beginning, their website appears near the top of the search results.
But then their listing is removed. Most of the times, their website is filtered out, penalized or simply de-indexed!
After that happens, they try to reason out of it: “It might be the Google Sandbox! We really did not do anything wrong!”.
In this way, this vicious cycle continues.
The truth is, Google characterizes your website as being in a “good neighborhood” or “bad neighborhood”. If, in the beginning you get too many spammy links, you will most likely get into trouble.
For older websites, getting penalized using junky inbound links is a little difficult, because your website has been around for some time.
I wrote a post regarding this 3 months ago and what was really surprising was that a self-proclaimed SEO consultant commented on my post, saying what I was saying was totally wrong and that I should stop spreading myths. I guess he would be one of those link builders who would submit a new website to thousands of junky directories, only to see the website crash and burn.
And then they would blame Google, luck or tell their client that “SEO just takes some time to show results!”.
For proof on the fact that junky links can harm you, you should go to SEO Book blog and check out their posts. If you can, sign up with their SEO training service. You will learn more than what the “link building gurus” are telling you.
You should always keep on getting some good quality links to your website so your website does not fall into bad neighborhoods.