Hey everyone,

If you are interested in internet marketing (which I am sure you are, otherwise you would not be here), you HAVE to go through some very popular blogs out there.

The blogs that I am about to mention are maintained by people who are making a huge living online. There is definitely a lot to learn from them.

Here are the most important internet marketing related blogs I read everyday:

1. Neil Patel’s QuickSprout: This guy knows what he is talking about. From online marketing to sales management to customer retention, go here to figure out how to make the best out of your online business.

2. Shoemaker: This person has a huge affiliate base and his website ads alone provide him a lot of income. Chances are, this success did not come easy to him. Find out what he did right.

3. John Chow: John Chow makes money by “teaching others how to make money”. If you are interested in online marketing, this is the place to go!

Have fun!

Yasir Khan