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The question shouldn’t be whether you can use software to game your YouTube views. The answer is a definite yes – it’s very easy to use software to game your YouTube views. The real question however is whether or not you can get away with doing so. And that sadly is a definite no – if you try to use software to game your YouTube views, it will likely be detected and at best, your videos will not get credit for the views. At worst, they could be deleted. Here’s what you need to know:

Why You’d Want to Game Your Views

Let’s start with the obvious. Why would you want to game your YouTube video views to begin with? After all, isn’t the goal to actually get people to look at your videos? Well, there are two issues surrounding this.

You’ll Get a Wider Audience

First and foremost, popular videos on YouTube will be shown to a wider audience and may even go viral, reaching the front page of the website. This means more traffic for you and that means that you have an incentive to game the numbers.

Popularity Breeds Popularity

The second reason you may want to do this is that popularity breeds popularity. I mentioned a while back when discussing buying Facebook likes that the reason to do is to make your page look more popular so that real people will “like” it. The same thing could be said here – you may want to game the system and have it sowing 10,000 views already so that people will think it’s worth looking at even if you didn’t get any benefits from YouTube.

Why It Doesn’t Work

The problem is that Google’s engineers (remember that Google owns YouTube) aren’t stupid and they have programmed their system to look for patterns where people abuse the system by creating fake views. It’s also in the terms of service that you cannot use methods which would not be possible for human beings to use to up your view numbers. When they do detect this, they reserve the right to suspend your videos and or to remove your ranking numbers.

The Google Bowling Issue

Now the thing is, while I haven’t seen it specifically mentioned anywhere, I’m going to guess that Google wouldn’t actually suspend your videos for doing this for one simple reason – Google Bowling. Google Bowling refers to the practice of deliberately putting up junk links for your competition to get them delisted as spammers.
A similar process can easily be employed on YouTube to get people’s account suspended or delisted so I don’t believe Google would actually remove videos and or penalize you. More likely, just like with the junk links, the views will simply be ignored and may even be reduced accordingly.

A Legit Way to Boost Your Views

Now if you want to boost your YouTube video views legitimately, there are ways to do it which won’t necessarily drive traffic but which will be fine as far as the Google filters are concerned. You can set up a job at Amazon Mechanical Turk to pay people to view your videos and pay anywhere from 1-10 cents for each view.
I’m really not sure how you verify this and it could get expensive pretty quickly if you want to hit 10,000 views (especially if you go with the more valuable offers to make it happen faster), but this would be fine with Google’s filters and would also show thousands of different IP addresses viewing your videos, meaning that you won’t be accused of using software to game your YouTube views.