Massive email listIf you just want a short answer to the question above, the answer is no – a massive email list all by itself will not make you millions. You need to do something with the email list to make your millions. Moreover, your email list needs to be a useful email list to make you those millions and you need to pitch things correctly. However, if you do all that, then you can make good money (though millions may be a bit of an exaggeration – here’s what you need to know):

Yes, the Money Is In the List

I’ve repeated this mantra quite often – the money really is in the list. If you want to make money online, the best way to do it is with a quality mailing list where people are hearing from you on a regular basis and know that you have good stuff to offer them for sale. My guru, John Chow turns over half a million dollars a year because he has built a massive email list. That said, there are caveats:

The List Needs to Be High Quality

You can buy an email list from some unscrupulous list brokers for as little as $200. These lists will have thousands or even millions of email addresses on them. However, those same lists will also be basically worthless. The reason is really quite simple – the lists have been scraped. This means that they were created by harvesting email addresses from websites. These kinds of lists are not only worthless but can actually hurt you because you can be sued for spreading spam.
On the other hand, if you take the time to build yourself a list of people who actually make purchases (this is done by giving things away, though you can get them to pay something by offering a freebie with a shipping charge), then these people will make you money.

You Need to Keep Your List Happy

The Internet marketer who spams his email list with constant junk mail offering a gazillion different meaningless and worthless products is the internet marketer who is constantly struggling to make a living. That’s because they have a very high turnover rate on their email lists and people tend to tune them out and mark the emails as spam.
A smart internet marketer will send out useful information to their email lists and share things which are actually worthwhile. This gets people to actually open the emails they receive and makes them more receptive to making purchases from you, thus making you your millions.

You Need a Good Pitch

Finally, pay close attention to how you market to your mailing list. Do split testing to see which messages convert best and which subject lines actually get opened. Don’t be afraid to mix things up a bit and be sure to include a call to action in order to get your customers to make a purchase from your email list. Then you’ll see that you are able to make your millions…