As you might already know, “the money is in the list”. But there is a catch, there money is in the list only if the list contains qualified leads. In other words, if you send out promotions to junk email addresses, you will get no results.
I have been trying many different lead generation tools in order to build up my subscriber lists. Upon searching for some list building tools, I landed across List Builder Pro.
I have used this product for at least a month now and I have a list of 1100 double-optin subscribers relating to the internet marketing niche. What is impressive is that only 1 people out of the 1100 has unsubscribed till date, which gives the impression that the leads are of high quality.
Along with that, I have done my best to use the tools provided by List Builder Pro to make sure that the subscriptions I get are of high quality. I did that by only allowing people from the UK, US and Canada to sign up. I have also blocked spammy website addresses and questionable email address from signing up.
I have used many other services in order to build my list. I have never seen such an efficient service like this before. With GetSubsribers service, I was able to get only 80 leads per day (which were of low quality). With List Builder Pro, I have 1100 leads to which I market daily now.
Try List Builder Pro here. I doubt you will be disappointed.