Website marketing is a complicated issue. Seriously, it is very complicated. Online marketing can be described in many ways and the ways of undertaking it are endless.
However, many prospective clients want a simple solution to their online marketing issue by stating: “We want a number 1 ranking for our so-and-so keyword!”. I was actually surprised at how easy many clients think ranking a website is.
Unfortunately, ranking number 1 for even medium-competition phrases is not that easy, especially nowadays when Google is constantly trying to “neutralize” any ranking loopholes there are.
However, this post is about successful website marketing, so let us go over some important components:
1. On-site content: One-page websites can rank high. However, the chances of getting a website with multiple pages are much better. Huge websites, on average also need less marketing investment in order for them to rank high. This might be because search engines give more weight to websites which have more pages. On-site blogs also help with the traffic aspect, especially when care is taken to create relevant informative posts.
An example of a good blog would be Neil Patel’s blog. Another good example is ShoeMoney, which never fails to entertain me.
2. Relevant, targeted keywords: Search engines will actually penalize your website if you undertake considerable keyword repetition or stuff, so stay away from that. You can however, influence your search engine rankings by making sure that the title and description tags for each page actually relate to what you are talking about. Unlike most people, do not write stories in your title tags; Mention only what is necesary for a user to understand what your website is about. Also, keyword tags are pretty much worthless nowadays, so it does not help you if you put “cheap & free viagra” or “cheap care insurance” in them 100 times.
3. The right backlinks: Ask 100 people what kind of backlinks are beneficial for your website and you will get 200 different replies. Even though no one agrees on what exactly an excellent backlink is, here are some good pointers:
1. The link should be on pages which are NOT known to sell links
2. If the link comes from a related website in the same niche, you get a plus point.
3. Ideally, the links should be editorial i.e. they should come from within the content.
4. They should be DoFollow
5. The domain name they come from should be high
6. The source domain should be well-respected.
Remember, link building is a quality game now. If you are getting 1000s of links for $99.99, chances are, they will get your website penalized.
If you take care of all the aspects of online marketing adequately, you can expect to see some results in 3-6 months, that is, if you are not operating in the porn, insurace or credit card industry.