This post simplifies the art of link building and SEO and answers many of the questions people ask everyday.
There are countless ways to build links for your websites but the most important ways can be counted on your fingers. I have provided a list of link building methods with the methods at the bottom being the most effective:
1. Directory submissions: They are worthless these days AND they carry a Google penalty. Directory submissions are bad news for your website because directories hold only links and no real content. Recently many of them have been tagged by Google as being link farms, which is looked down upon in Google’s policies. You might get into a lot of trouble if you have enough crappy directories pointing to your website.
2. Links on low PR websites: Simply put, the higher the PR the more link juice you get.
3. Links on higher end PR websites: Links from websites with PR 6-10 help you a lot in gaining rankings. A lot of webmasters simply overlook the fact that if you have a couple of links on high PR websites, you can get more results from it than if you do tons of directory submissions.
4. Links on a high PR PAGE: This method is by far the most effective and also the most expensive. Links on a PR 6-9 page can actually propell you to the top of the search engine results in days! But a PR 6+ page link costs around $250 with PR 8 links costing around $800.
So these are the various link building methods that you can opt for in order to rank high. They depends a lot on your budget.