Ever done SEO and link building for your website to actually see your rankings DROP instead of rising…? We have all been there. A lot of webmasters freak out when they see this happen. An extreme effect of this could be losing ALL your rankings for a specific time period i.e. not appearing in the top 250 results for your keywords.
This is natural. Google does the Google dance because:
1. It is updating its algorithms and therefore trying to consolidate its database OR
2. You have done something black-hat and the search engines have caught you in the act.
But mostly, it is just the search engines updating their rankings to be able to provide better results to their users.
So when you see this happen, do not worry as your rankings will come back up (provided that you did not do anything black-hat). Normally it takes from 3 days to a couple of weeks to gain your rankings back.
Google Dance is natural to search engines and although it presents a lot of hardships for the webmasters, there really is nothing that can be done about it.
However, to alleviate the effects of the Google Dance, you should consider submitting your website to high-authority websites in order to get links which provide you a lot of link juice.
This will make sure that in the long-term, you have a stable ranking and growing business.