One of the most absolute facts is: Search engines LOVE unique content. The web is an informational resource and no matter what you do online, it centers around the dissemination of information. A very simple way of making your website rank high is to keep on adding content to it. And what better way to do it than use a blog.
Content Management Systems like WordPress make it very simple to host content on your website. Even though many webmasters know that blogging helps, they never really use this way to gain rankings. The reasons for this are several:
1. Blogging costs time and/or money. People need to be intellectually resourceful to make interesting posts.
2. Only a small number of webmasters have the time and energy to make informative blog posts.
3. There is seemingly no short-term gain from blogging.
I have personally seen webmasters making only one post to their blog every day for a month in order to see their blog Page Rank rise from 0 to 4! Because of the higher PR, the blog gets a lot of visitors and comments. Therefore, a little time and effort can really make your website stand out.
However, before you start blogging, make sure you follow the following guidelines:
1. Never copy and paste information from other sources on the internet. It makes you look bad AND it doesnt help you with the rankingd.
2. Write only on topics which are interesting and/or contrversial or which provide a unique view of things. If you do not want to write yourself, outsource this job.
3. Do not write on anything which can be found fully elsewhere on the internet.
4. Never stop blogging.
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