Tons of people have been raving online about how link-building is so last decade (with the new year and decade right around the corner) and how it’s gradually going extinct.
The problem with such statements is that you can agree with them for a while, until you gain actual knowledge and expertise on what link-building is all about.
That is, these statements are usually ‘uneducated’, if not too crude a word, and if you delve deeper into what link-building is and has been all about, you will realize how it is still as important in the Web world dominated by SMM as it was a decade ago.
The biggest arguments supporting link-building are based on the simple fact that the components link-building strategies are made of, stand strong today as much as they did tomorrow.
1. Great Content
Link-building is not only about begging a web master to link his popular website to yours. Content building is an important part of building links. It will always be the best, relevant content that gets linked and featured on a popular website.
2. Unique Content
Coming up with unique content is key to both link-building, SEO and SMM. If your content is unique, interesting and original, you will always have increased hits and more links.
3. The RSS Feed
Syndicating the RSS feed is one of the best ways to build links after you’ve come up with original, interesting and unique content. Instead of manually going around social networking sites and spreading links, RSS can be used super-effectively for link-building with just a click.
Keep your content on your own website and spread it on social networking websites through RSS feeds. This component of link-building strategy is going to its peak right now.
4. Quality Directories
Quality web directories still exist and many ‘lower’ directories are not coming up and improving how links are handled. The human factor is increasing and directories are increasingly being edited by humans on a regional and local level.
Directories are still a thriving business, showing how basic link-building is still a biggie.
5. Guest Blogging
Although you may believe a blog overkill has occurred in the last few years and that may be partly true, you can’t deny the fact that blogs are still extremely popular around the world.
In countries where blogs have just recently reached their peak (some South-Asian countries for example), the opportunity to attract foreign customers and increase international-websites’ link-building is huge. It all depends on how interesting your company blog is though.
Get in a guest writer from a popular blog and make him publish a post for your site, that can boost links too.