Not many people know how an SEO’s (Search Engine Optimizer) regular day goes and what is it made of. Yes, SEOs are humans just like all of us but there seems to be curiosity about learning exactly what goes on in the life of an SEO.
Just like how Cricket fans wondered what their favorite players ate for lunch during a Test Match, SEO fans have been craving to know about a regular SEO day regardless of whether it affects them or not!
Waking Up
Waking up at 5:30 or 6 AM is pretty usual for an SEO. An early start means a lot more work can be finished on time. Also, most SEOs have to deal with international clients in different time zones too, it helps waking up early and being prepared for a client at any time of the day then.
A simple energetic breakfast, a cup of coffee and the day begins. First, checking for new emails is the most important part of the morning. Although the inbox has been checked late at night right before sleeping, there are usually a lot of new emails in the morning, including spam.
A good SEO replies to customer complaints and help issues first thing in the morning, and deletes spam!
As the day progresses and after checking emails, link-building begins. This takes a lot of effort and energy and is done earlier in the day for that reason alone. The freshest part of an SEO’s day is the morning right after coffee and a beer and this is what it helps in.
A good SEO can go a few hours of link-building without a break, send out notifications to clients during this time too and then retire for a small break.
Noon is reserved for all SEO-related jobs other than link-building. This could involve dealing with ad and web design problems if international clients, scripting, etc. Noon till evening is usually reserved for jobs that do not require a lot of effort.
During small breaks in this part of the day, an SEO will inevitably wander towards other websites on the Web too, networking with others, starting work on a person project etc.
It’s a good time of the day to be social and come with new business ideas too.
An early start doesn’t always mean an early end to a day in the life of an SEO. Although it would be best to retire at around 7 PM, it sometimes gets impossible as there are usually a lot of customer emails to reply to, problems to resolve, clients to talk to, well into the evening.
Latest by 9 PM however, an SEO surely retires as going anyway longer than that time can be really unhealthy.
After work for the day is complete, there is usually some friends and family time watching a movie, going to your favorite coffee shop for a little relaxing time and chit chat with homies or just lying around and doing nothing, preparing for a good night’s sleep.
Sleeping well past 12 is really common and a last email check before sleeping is like a drill now.