There have been scores of articles written about the benefits of RSS for subscribers but few people think about whether RSS subscribers benefit their business as much as the hype suggests.
If you have a decent RSS subscriber count, should you be content with what you have or should you develop strategies of increasing the count? Well, increasing RSS subscriber count is certainly beneficial to a company, specially in terms of costs.
1. Customer Relations
RSS has always been understood as a very important tool to facilitate customer relations.
Communication is made super-easy between the company and customers as RSS subscribers are regularly updated not only with the RSS content, but with company updates inclduing product information, offers etc.
The more RSS subscribers you have, the more people you will be able to communicate with in an easy-cost-effective manner. You can save quite a lot of bucks that you would be spending on spreading company updates as a small part of an advertising campaign.
2. Increase Hits
Your online business strategy surely in large part includes increasing the number of hits your website gets. When you increase RSS subscribers, you can dramatically increase hits by making interesting updates.
More hits means more leads which further means more leads turned into successful monetary transactions or ad money. You have to understand, if a person was not interested in your site (thus, not a potential customer), he would not have signed up for the RSS feed.
Signing up usually always brings back people to your site and increases the chances of turning them into profits.
3. Publishing and Spreading Content Easier
Again, it is extremely cost-effective to update and publish new content to your site visitors if they are on the RSS feed.
Where you would be spending hours publishing content online and then devising new SMM and SEO strategies to bring visitors to your site to see the new content, you can do that in minimum time and money by using the RSS tool.
The more RSs subscribers you have, the more people your new content will reach with just a click. You save time and money.
Also, instead of individually spreading your content over social networking sites manually, an RSS feed can help you do that easily.
The more subscribers you have, the faster the fire of your new content campaign will spread in the interwebs forest.
4. Feedback
Feedback couldn’t get simpler if you have a huge number of RSs subscribers.
Instead of making customers and potential leads fill out forms and what-not to find out what they’re interested in, you can monitor their activity using the RSS tool.
You can monitor everything – content that was most popular, time spent on particular content, etc.
You can then use this to device strategies to develop potentially popular content that would exponentially increase your hits and leads.