Twitter happens to be one of the most current micro-blogging tools available to the masses. Even though nearly even tech-savvy person knows what Twitter is, only a small percentage of people can make money using it. But to be honest, Twitter is a free service which can allow you to increase your business if used correctly.
Think of Twitter as your personal spokesperson to your audience, but do not use it as an advertisement. A lot of people make the biggest mistake of strongly selling to their followers on Twitter, which makes their followers run away. Instead, a better way of selling yourself on Twitter is by developing a close connection with your audience.
But what.. what if you have no one following you? Won`t that create a problem?
Not necessarily. Now, I understand that people who have 100,000 followers are mostly well-known people or celebrities but the fact is, you actually have control over how many people follow you. If you want people to follow you, tweet at least 3 times a day about interesting stuff. Anything which will enlighten your users is sure to give you more followers.
There is also a short-cut to having more followers: Follow more people! Just search for target prospects in your industry and niche and start following them. Around 25-30% return the favor and follow you! And if you think manually following people on Twitter is a redundant task for you, outsourcing is always an option!
But the bottom line is, in order to increase your following, provide them with interesting tweets, your own news and article updates but do not send them advertisements. You should use Twitter as a tool to get the audience to trust you more and think of you as an expert in your niche. Once the trust is developed, your product will walk right out the door.