Blog commenting can make a huge difference in connecting to your audience if you do it the right way. Apparently, 90% of the people think blog commenting and “spamming” are the same thing. It is actually laughable to see how much effort people put into leaving mass-created junk comments on websites, hoping that they would get past Akismet.
What is more interesting is the fact that the link in the spam comment does not point to a valid URL. Instead, even the link happens to be junk. I tried following them and received a 404 error.
For people who think blog commenting is an easy way to get a backlink and tons of traffic, I have news: IT ISNT. Do not approach this method as a way to get rich quickly. It will not happen.
Blog comments are used mainly to grab your target audience’s attention and portray yourself as an expert in your niche. This way, you can actually get them on your website and make sales.
But there is a catch to it (as there is to everything in life): Your comments should be valuable and insightful. If they are not, your comments will not be productive towards your needs. If you post a generic comment such as the one below:
“Nice post! I really liked it! I will come back to this website again!”
in the hopes of getting a quick backlink, your efforts will not be fruitful. I have had many of these kind of comments posted on my blog and I really do not find any reason to accept them. Same goes for other webmasters.
So if you want to comment on blogs, make sure you do the following:
1. Only comment on blogs related to your niche and target audience.
2. If you have nothing good to say, dont say anything. You will save precious time.
3. Only provide useful comments, which show that you know at least something about the topic at hand.
4. Leave a link only when you are sure the comment will not look spammy.
And please! Stop with the blog commenting scripts!