There has always been a discussion of whether you should vary your anchor texts for SEO & link building. On the one hand, not varying keywords in your campaigns give you a more powerful ranking result. But on the other hand, if you do not vary your keywords across thousands of submissions, you might get severly penalized because search engines think of the submissions as un-natural.
We personally think that this question can be argued either way and personal discretion should be used.
Are you submitting your website to thousands of directories and social bookmarking websites with absolutely no variance in anchor tags? If so, you will get penalized.
An ideal way to approach this would be to use at least 2 different keyphrases for your campaigns and use a variance of those as well. For example:
Guitar videos
Guitar videos website
Guitar music website
Guitar music
together make a very good combination to submit to search engines, because there is a very small risk that it looks unnatural.
We personally err on the side of caution and use more than 3 keyword phrases for our SEO efforts. This has provided us with very good results.