A lot of people pay special attention to very trivial areas of SEO and in doing so forget to attend to the big picture. This becomes evident when people ask questions like:
1. What is the exact keyword density I should have on my webpages to succeed.
2. What keywords should be in my title tags
3. I submitted my website to 20 top directories but I am not number 1 yet.
4. Should I rearrange my content on the website in order to rank high
Webmasters who ask these questions look for a silver bullet, a secret recipe which would solve all their ranking problems. Apparently, any such recipe or secret does not exist.
The path to success in SEO is not to undertake a specific measure once or twice, but to do it consistently.If you are submitting your articles to web directories, keep doing it consistently (this does not mean submit 10 articles to 1000 article directories in 7 days).
Also, make sure that you keep on doing what is benefiting you. If you see that visitors come to your website by first reading your articles, post more articles. If you think social bookmarking helps, keep at it!
All the successful websites keep on building their links and conduct SEO every month or so. There just is no shortcut to gaining rankings.
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