Pay Per Click (PPC) and organic search results are very different ball-games. Both of them can be profitable but they differ in various respects.
PPC is when you get your ads displayed on various ad networks eg. Google, Yahoo etc. PPC is more valuable for you if:
1. You have tons of money
2. You can take a huge drawdown in the beginning and still survive with respect to costs
3. You want quick results
4. You have an expensive product or service
Organic search results normally do not come easy. You have to work diligently in order to get better rankings in the search engines, which takes time and money. The payoff can be huge. A website on top of the search engines gets massive number of hits for FREE and is able to reduce advertising costs etc. Organic link building is better for you if:
1. You have enough time in order to establish yourself
2. You do not have enough money for PPC
3. The product or service just does not allow you to pay the large sums of money needed for PPC.
4. You feel that getting ranked high in the search engines is more appropriate than paying for ads.
In the end it comes down to your preference. A lot of people have tried both approaches and have been successful. It really comes down to your marketing strategy and price contraints.