Why do we build websites? To make a corporate identity! Now, one would ask, corporate identity for what? Well, normally, we make a website to represent ourselves and our business – these two are considered as the sole purposes. 80% of the websites are built to sell a product or a service.
But, the question is how to actually convince people to buy your service or product. How do you attract customers on the web? Selling services online isn’t rocket science, but it’s not either like buttering your bread either. Internet Marketing is your answer! To be able to sell your business online, you need to employ internet marketing strategies. Now, there is another marketing method to put a convincing appeal in your business right onto your website. That’s through website testimonials!
Testimonials are a traditional marketing tactic, applied both in online and offline marketing.
Website testimonials and your customer’s success stories make for an important online marketing strategy that can draw potential clients to your business. Of course, we can’t brag about ourselves, but when others do, it sure is a compliment for us!
Before doing business with a company, people are always anxious to know about them. Customer reviews and clients’ testimonials are the best ways to present a picture of you to them.
So, use these testimonials as a means to gather more business. Use them and the convincing power they possess to attract potential customers. Here are seven ways to improve your website testimonials:
1. A little Editing doesn’t harm or get it rephrased from the clients
Once you have a testimonial from your clients, better not edit them to adjust to your requirements. Testimonials are all about keeping a balance between the good and the bad about your company.
All good might make people skeptical about your services. Minor adjustments are allowed, for example, fixing the words or grammar and sentence syntax.
There is another way to do it, simply ask your clients to rephrase the testimonials. Ask them if they don’t find it weird to fix in the testimonial a bit how you want it. Besides, the words will always be theirs, not yours.
2. Are you faking it or what?
How can customers be sure if the testimonials are not fake or not coming from your self-created personality? For that, ask your clients to add in much relevant information about them.
Apart from the name and country, ask them to include their business, a photo and a link back to their personal website or blog. That would be win-win for you and the clients. Who doesn’t like link-back, eh?
3. Post Testimonials on Social Networks
You don’t need to keep your testimonials restricted to your website only. If you have Facebook, Twitter, or other social networks’ accounts, you can simply show an update that says something like, “Hey! Check out what our clients’ have to say about us!” This way, you can spread a word about yourself and grow your audience.
Not everyone can find their way to your website, but with links on different pages, more people will learn about you, for sure.
4. Keep the formatting different from the rest and link back!
Make the testimonials look a little different from the usual format of your website. Bold or italicize the text. Mention testimonials on the home page on a visible space, and link it back to the relevant page on the site.
You can also hyperlink words from the testimonials back to their relevant page, in case they are discussing about a particular service you offer. Let’s SEO your testimonials, shall we?
5. Post your Testimonials on Your Blog:
Have a blog? Well, add in testimonials there too. Yes, perk up the place with your praises and acclaims. You can also make an entire category naming it as testimonials or Client’s feedback and pile in all the feedback and testimonials you get.
6. Request Feedback and Testimonials from all Your Customers:
Whether, it’s a big business deal or small, a big client or a small client, all the feedback hold equal importance. Make sure you request for testimonials from all your clients. This way, not only does it keep a variety, but it also gives other potential clients a chance to see you are not biased and do business with all clients, as long as they are reliable resources.
7. Testimonial HotLine?
How about you set up a distinct hot-line service for your testimonials? Dedicate a phone number or extension where your clients can record their testimonials and share their experience.