For many online businesses, Google is the best medium to hike ’em up. If your site is properly optimized for search engines, it will definitely receive quality traffic. More traffic means more leads and more leads means …of course more sales and more flow of money filling your bank account!
So, this is why the SEO experts stress on optimizing the websites. Not just optimizing them, in fact, also making sure that the site doesn’t come under threat of getting penalized by Google. Did you know about Google penalizing a site before?
If your site gets penalized by Google, you probably might just forget about reviving its position back up on the search results. In other words, bye-bye to your traffic, bye-bye to your leads and bye-bye to your business!
Feel the seriousness of it, people! Make sure your site never gets penalized by Google.
There are some ways that you need to avoid in order to save yourself from this degradation.
Follow my lead and read carefully. Once you’re done reading, you’ll be enlightened with what to do and what not to do to keep things straight and easy for your site.
Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines have maintained directories of links for every website and whenever one searches up. They disclose hundreds and thousands of links with respect to the researcher’s search relevancy.
So, when you are optimizing your website, make sure you use the right SEO strategies to get ranked on Google or other sites. As simple as that, folks!
When you use white hate SEO strategies, Google will be able to classify your website appropriately and rank it up well under appropriate search queries.
Does that make SEO bad? Well, of course not! The core purpose of SEO is not to manipulate the search results, but to help you get your place up within the directories and search results. To survive in the web world, you NEED SEO like you need air to live!
So, let’s take a look over at what can get your site penalized, or worse, get banned from Google and others.
Read this carefully and learn your lessons right!
1. Buying / selling links:
Let me make it simple for you to understand. All the links to your website are seen as let’s say “votes” by Google. Now, the more links you have (possibly with keywords inserted within the anchor text), the better your site’s ranking will be. But, if you go over –board with buying and selling links, or linking back to others just for the sake of manipulating search results, then you are likely to get completely out of the book! BAM! Google will penalize you. For further reading, you can check out what Google’s own Matt Cutts has to say about buying and selling links.
2. Back-linking with spammers:
Are you a spammer? Do you want to be a spammer? You know what spamming is all about and how search engines disregard it, right? Listen carefully, Google hates spammers! If you have back-linked your site with a lot of spamming websites, then… well, get the hint! You’re site will be penalized and you can just forget about your online business!
3. Stuffing keywords like Over-Stuffing Your ThanksGiving Turkey!
Hey, never over-stuff your Thanksgiving Turkey! Some people are in a habit of over-stuffing things. I don’t why, is it because having ‘more’ satisfies them…They fail to see that the end results are not as good as they anticipate it to be.
Using keywords within the titles and evenly distributed within your web content is stuffing, but over-using the keyword like a mad man in every sentence is over-stuffing! It not only makes the article seem like an abstract way of writing or in other words, seem unintelligent and uninteresting. If that’s what you want, then um….sure…it that makes you happy and thinking it’ll rank you up on Google! Tsk tsk!
Avoid this and make your site search-engine friendly, not search-engine scary!