Who knew there will be a time when addiction will advance from the real world to the cyber world? With social networks – particularly Facebook – the world really does seem to have shrink in for everyone, may it be individuals or businesses. Anyone and just anybody is up there, with a nice catchy profile willing to expand their social circle or business horizon, from local to global.
According to latest Facebook stats, there are more than 500 million active Facebook users to date. Imagine that! The figure clearly shows the level of addiction with the social network. What more could be said about the network seeing that Hollywood just made a movie out of it – The Social Network! (A must watch!)
Facebook is arguably the biggest phenomenon of the internet and social media that has made Zuckerburg the world’s youngest self-made billionaire. Cheers for the champ!
The social network allows you to share your photos, videos, personal and business information across with your friends, co-workers, boss, and other people you connect with. Facebook sure claims out right when it says, “Facebook helps you connect and share with the people in your life.”
So, let’s try to figure out why millions of people around the world are chanting its praises.
Do you know that on average, a user spends approximately 50-60 minutes every day on the social network – the first sign addiction…of course, when you dedicated to spending time on a website with full focus and attention, that’s the only conclusion any sane person will come up with.
The following three points will help you understand the buzz about Facebook and the over-growing addiction towards the social website:
Facebook Gives Users a Sense Of Worth
According to psychologist Abraham Maslow, every human being has three basic needs – love, affection and belongingness. All of us require a sense of self-esteem and worth and this is what ever Facebook user profile has become a source for.
For every average user, their profile is the perfect tool for them to shout out to the world about their interests, their thoughts, philosophy of life and everyday events.
With Facebook, users can talk and share freely about as much as they like about themselves without fearing of being labeled a self-centered. Besides, Facebook is all about explaining and revealing about oneself. The ‘status’ updates serve as the means of sharing thoughts unreservedly.
Facebook- Who is Stalking who?
Stalking, well, we all do that don’t we?! Facebook just makes it a lot easier for us to satisfy our humanistic instincts. We all have a sense of curiosity that compels us to know what is going on around us, within our social circle, your neighborhood, your office, or even what your competitors are up to. Facebook lets users become very aware of friends’ activities.
We all love to know a little bit more about others and with Facebook around, you can know just about anything, anytime, – like an open book.
The best thing is nobody would call you a stalker for peeking into their lives because it’s just a social platform for connecting and sharing.
You can view photos, check out others conversation (an interesting part, I’m confessing!) and you can do all this without being noticed or being caught. This is called ‘Facebook stalking.’ And it isn’t a sin! 😛
Furthermore, some people are too shy to connect with people in the real world or maybe don’t have time to phone up an old friend. With Facebook here, everyone can stay connected virtually and never miss the good old times, because you can reserve your memories here.
For the shy ones, make new friends and feel like a real champ and for the busy types, stay connected with all your school and college buddies and never feel left out!
Facebook application Available on Mobile Phones

You don’t need a computer or laptop to login to your Facebook account, even your phone would do just fine. Yup! With Facebook applications around and the ease of internet access and Wi-Fi hotspots everywhere, you can easily login to your account and see what is up there. Moreover, mobile networks are giving you services of receiving notifications via sms about any updates going on within your page.
Almost 1/5th of every active user now accesses their Facebook accounts via their handsets. With over 200 million active users who use mobile Facebook (check stats again), users have become 50% more active on the social network than ever before! And it’s likely to cross over 90% in the coming years.
Now, do you get it – the whole story behind Facebook’s addiction?