Every single time I search for a specific term in Google, I cannot help but be surprised at the vast differences between websites which appear in the search results. First are the websites which appear at the top of the search results. These websites draw 95% of the total traffic! The surprising thing is, most of the websites that appear in the top of Google do not really have as hundreds of thousands of incoming links
On the other hand are the websites which appear on page 2 onwards of the search results. These websites are not developed fully, are not exciting and do not give visitors a reason to visit again.
In a nutshell, the websites which appear lower in the search results do not engage their visitors!
Now I understand that is a generalization, but it holds true much of the time.
This all got me thinking: “Wouldn’t it be easier to get traffic if something solid was done to engage your visitors?”
And to answer this question, I have come up with 5 ways to ensure that your website is not neglected by your visitors. Remember, the websites ranking at the top are almost always taking the following measures correctly:
1. Put up interesting content: Do not underestimate this point. Visitors have no reason to return to your website if it is full of the same redundant crap which is on every single website out there. At times, interesting content would mean using a conversational tone instead of a formal one. It would also mean putting up some pictures, videos and Flash etc.
2. Offer a newsletter subscription: What better way to keep in touch with your visitors than to offer them a free subscription to your newsletter. However, before you do this, make sure you offer them something valuable in return, otherwise they will start unsubscribing.
3. Set up a blog: Set up a WordPress blog and make posts to it. But do not write like a 5 year old. Your posts should be well thought-out and assertive. Ask readers for their opinions and start a discussion. Discuss controversial and new topics. Your fan following will increase.
4. Offer something different: If you really want to engage your visitors, start a contest! People love contests, especially ones where the prize money is a hefty sum. You might get a lot of visitor interest by this measure simply because your competitors might not have the resources or the capabilities to throw up such a large-scale event.
5. Put up a crisp, professional template: You have no idea how much business companies lose just because they have a horrible website template. Do not make the same mistakes. Chances are, if you have a bad website design, your customers will questions your integrity and will move on to your competitors. Invest a little time and effort into getting a good website design.