squeeze pageSo I’ve been doing a great deal of research on just what makes for a truly great squeeze page. These are the pages that we all see online which offer your customers something of value in exchange for giving up their e-mail address or even more personal information. I’ve gathered some of the best ideas I found online here for our valued readers:

What Is a Squeeze Page and Why Do I Need One?

If you are in a hurry and or you are an experienced internet marketer, feel free to skip this section entirely. It is here for the newbies who may have stumbled across this blog and are wondering what a squeeze page and why they would want one to begin with.
A squeeze page in short is a page where you try to sell your customer something. Sometimes, the sale is of low value – I’m giving you something free in exchange for your e-mail address. Sometimes it can cost a great deal of money as in the sales pages for various products such as SENuke X.
I’ve personally never liked the term squeeze page to be perfectly though. The term seems to me to imply that you are trying to squeeze a few bucks or at least some extra something or other out of your customer. It has a bit of a distasteful sound to it even though that is what we all call it (and frankly, if I’m being honest – you are trying to squeeze money out of your customer. Though one hopes you’ll provide them with good value in return).
The reason you need a squeeze page is really simple – because that’s how you make sales happen online. While you may think that you can simply have a link to your online store, the fact is that most people will ignore it completely unless they have some reason to be there. They want to know why they should hand over their hard earned cash to you (or even their precious e-mail address).
The squeeze page accomplishes this task quite well by offering them a concise reason to be interested in what it is that your company has to offer to them. It shows them in great detail why the product is valuable to them and why they should want to hand over whatever it is that you are asking for from them.
Okay, so enough about why you need a squeeze page. Let’s get into some cool tips I’ve picked up which will hopefully help you to earn some extra money and get those 50% converting squeeze pages (i.e. that as many as 50% of the people who come to your site will decide to opt in).

The KISS Principlethe kiss principle

I’ve mentioned this dozens of times here and it applies to building a quality squeeze page too. The KISS principle (Keep It Simple, Stupid) is one of my all time favorite ideas because it just works so well in almost anything you do. In essence, you don’t want a cluttered looking squeeze page. I’m also not a massive fan of the squeeze pages which go on and on and on.
You know the type I’m talking about – I see on the Warrior Forum all the time. They run on and on and on for around 2,000 words or more and they offer nothing to you as to a reason they should go on for so long. Keep it simple. Make your squeeze page look clean and orderly and you will get more conversions to your offer.
This means by the way that you use bullet points to explain why people should want to buy your product (or sign up for your e-mail list or whatever else it is that you want them to do for you in exchange for your fabulous gift).
There should not be a dozen different offers on your squeeze page either. It should offer one product and one product only. End of story.
You should offer your customers a good reason to buy the product by explaining why they need. However, you should not be going on and on and on. I hate squeeze pages where they tell me their life story about how they were totally broke and living in a hovel but now they’re a millionaire. Well bully for you. That and $2.50 will get on the New York City subway.
What I want to know is, what does your product do and why will it work for me. If your product is an information product, you should give away a significant amount of information before anyone pays a penny to get your product. If you can’t tell us anything without giving away the “secret” then your product probably isn’t worth anything to me.
The squeeze page that converts is the one which keeps it simple but also shows me why your product will actually have real value for me. Too often, I see these squeeze pages where they breathlessly tell you about some wonderful site they can tell you about and which you only need to pay five bucks for. Puleasse—if that’s all you have to offer, it’s not worth anything to me.

Give Them a Reason to Give You a Quality E-mail Address

Here’s another boner mistake that many people make when they put up squeeze pages. They offer a video or a PDF eBook as a free gift. Okay. Let’s say you get people to sign up for your e-mail list and in exchange they get a free eBook or a free video. How many of them are going to give you a quality e-mail address they actually check on a regular basis?
I know I have an e-mail address that I give away for free offers which I use exclusively for spam. The stuff I want to know about, I use a different e-mail address for. It’s the right way to do things because otherwise you get inundated with dozens of offers for every kind of junk that anyone can think of selling you (and often, you get a dozen copies of the same e-mail because the affiliate marketer is too lazy to change anything).
So how do you get people to give you their real e-mail address? Offer something which requires an e-mail address, that’s how. You can offer them an e-mail course which takes place over a month and where they get four free lessons sent to them, one per week. That means they need to keep checking their e-mail for the new lessons and that means they’ll give you a real e-mail address.
Another idea which I like – offer more than one freebie but explain they are e-mailed one per week. This is an idea I came up with on my own for a product I hope to launch soon. The idea was a way to combat the serial refunders:
You get a 30 day money back guarantee and you get four bonuses. However, the bonuses are given one per week for a month. You can still cancel within 30 days and get a refund but like this, they need an e-mail address they’ll actually check and they will likely stick with you for the full 30 days meaning fewer refunds.
Bottom line, you are going to get more conversions when people feel that there is a reason to hand over a real e-mail address to you as opposed to you simply “squeezing” them in exchange for getting their information for free.

Make It Personalmake it personal

I know I said above I don’t want to see your life story. I don’t. I couldn’t care less that you’re now a millionaire with a yacht and beautiful women at your side. In fact, I usually find that a sign that you are not serious (after all, if you really are making so much money from the product you are selling, why offer it to me? Keep the secret for yourself and don’t let anyone else in).
However, one thing that does convert well is offering a photograph of yourself. It should be a professional photograph and not you sipping martinis on your fictional yacht. Make it real and make yourself look real. People like to buy from people, not nameless, faceless corporations.
In addition to this, you may also want to include a signature. I read a report somewhere that signatures actually help conversions by around 20%. Not sure why, but they do. You don’t need your real signature by the way. You can just search on Google for a free signature font (also called cursive). Then, simply stick it into your site as part of your money back guarantee.
Oh and by the way, while we’re on the subject, yes, you should have a money back guarantee and it should be one which makes sense. In other words, your money back guarantee can very well say that you want people to actually try the product and not just ask for a refund after a few minutes. Depending on what you sell, it can even say money back only if your product is defective but it should actually include some kind of money back guarantee.

Make Your Call to Action Friendly

Yes, you want to have a call to action (i.e. click here, buy now, etc.). However, the standard call to action lines tend to not convert very well because people tend to be blind to them. Instead, make your call to action stand out.  In other words, don’t just leave the button as “submit” or “buy now.” Here’s a good example. Which call to action are you more likely to click on:

Get It Now.

Yes Eric, I Want to Know How Finally Make Money Online. Send Me My Free E-mail Course Now.

I know which one is more likely to get my vote. By the way, another neat trick which I like but which some people may find a turn off is the opt out button trick. Many people leave this as “no thanks.” However, I believe that smarter marketers make people feel almost guilty for clicking the “no thanks” button. Here’s an example of what I mean:

No thanks Eric, I don’t want to know how to finally drive hoards of hungry buyers to my websites. I’m not interested in making money online and I’m perfectly fine sticking to my J.O.B. (Just Over Broke) lifestyle.

That kind of opt out button tends to discourage more people because they feel almost guilty clicking on the thing. I know it gives me a bit of a pang when I click those things and they do give me pause when I see them on a site.

Respect People’s Privacy

Finally, for the love of all that’s holy, remember that people have been burned way too many times online and that spam is everywhere. Make sure you tell people very explicitly that their e-mail address will not be sold to spammers and that they can expect to have their privacy respected. If they are being asked to fork over their credit card information, make sure that you offer them some kind of assurance that they are safe (ideally, use a trusted third part service for this such as PayPal or Google Checkout).
This really is a big concern for a lot of people and it is something that will turn people off if they come across your website and they are asked for their personal information. By the way, if you do plan to send them offers (and we all know you will), mention it in your privacy policy. Don’t be shy. People will respect you more if you tell them the truth.

Bottom Line

The bottom line of all this though is that you need to have a quality offer to entice people to sign up for your e-mail list. People who are offered a piece of cheap junk are much less likely to sign up than those who are offered something which has real value.
Respect your customers and don’t treat them like numbers but instead think of them as real human beings and you will find that the 50% converting squeeze page isn’t really all that difficult to figure out how to build.