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3 Important Components of Successful Website Marketing!

Website marketing is a complicated issue. Seriously, it is very complicated. Online marketing can be described in many ways and the ways of undertaking it are endless.

However, many prospective clients want a simple solution to their online marketing issue by stating: “We want a number 1 ranking for our so-and-so keyword!”. I was actually surprised at how easy many clients think ranking a website is.

Unfortunately, ranking number 1 for even medium-competition phrases is not that easy, especially nowadays when Google is constantly trying to “neutralize” any ranking loopholes there are.

However, this post is about successful website marketing, so let us go over some important components:

1. On-site content: One-page websites can rank high. However, the chances of getting a website with multiple pages are much better. Huge websites, on average also need less marketing investment in order for them to rank high. This might be because search engines give more weight to websites which have more pages. On-site blogs also help with the traffic aspect, especially when care is taken to create relevant informative posts.

An example of a good blog would be Neil Patel’s blog. Another good example is ShoeMoney, which never fails to entertain me.

2. Relevant, targeted keywords: Search engines will actually penalize your website if you undertake considerable keyword repetition or stuff, so stay away from that. You can however, influence your search engine rankings by making sure that the title and description tags for each page actually relate to what you are talking about. Unlike most people, do not write stories in your title tags; Mention only what is necesary for a user to understand what your website is about. Also, keyword tags are pretty much worthless nowadays, so it does not help you if you put “cheap & free viagra” or “cheap care insurance” in them 100 times.

3. The right backlinks: Ask 100 people what kind of backlinks are beneficial for your website and you will get 200 different replies. Even though no one agrees on what exactly an excellent backlink is, here are some good pointers:

1. The link should be on pages which are NOT known to sell links

2. If the link comes from a related website in the same niche, you get a plus point.

3. Ideally, the links should be editorial i.e. they should come from within the content.

4. They should be DoFollow

5. The domain name they come from should be high

6. The source domain should be well-respected.

Remember, link building is a quality game now. If you are getting 1000s of links for $99.99, chances are, they will get your website penalized.

If you take care of all the aspects of online marketing adequately, you can expect to see some results in 3-6 months, that is, if you are not operating in the porn, insurace or credit card industry.

List Builder Pro Review

As you might already know, “the money is in the list”. But there is a catch, there money is in the list only if the list contains qualified leads. In other words, if you send out promotions to junk email addresses, you will get no results.

I have been trying many different lead generation tools in order to build up my subscriber lists. Upon searching for some list building tools, I landed across List Builder Pro.

I have used this product for at least a month now and I have a list of 1100 double-optin subscribers relating to the internet marketing niche. What is impressive is that only 1 people out of the 1100 has unsubscribed till date, which gives the impression that the leads are of high quality.

Along with that, I have done my best to use the tools provided by List Builder Pro to make sure that the subscriptions I get are of high quality. I did that by only allowing people from the UK, US and Canada to sign up. I have also blocked spammy website addresses and questionable email address from signing up.

I have used many other services in order to build my list. I have never seen such an efficient service like this before. With GetSubsribers service, I was able to get only 80 leads per day (which were of low quality). With List Builder Pro, I have 1100 leads to which I market daily now.

Try List Builder Pro here. I doubt you will be disappointed.

Directory of Ezines Review

Lo and behold! I have tried this service and decided to write an honest review about it.

I have recently subscribed to Directory of Ezines service, which is marketed as the only high quality ezine marketing service. It is run by Charlie Page, who happened to be a member of Directory of Ezines and then bought the company out in 2 years.

If you are running an online business, you will not be making sales unless you have an audience. Most of the established online marketers have a huge audience who they sell to time and time again. But when we try to emulate them by reading their e-books, courses etc, we are only marginally successful. Established online marketers fail to point out that most people following their courses or e-books will make only 1% of the money they make simply because we have no audience.

That is where Directory of Ezines comes in. Once you sign up, you can contact the owners of huge ezines, which will send out your ads to their newsletters for a fee. The fee really depends on the quality of the newsletter, the circulation size and the market. However, if you try to find out the ezine owners contact information elsewhere on the internet, you will most likely take days if not weeks.

I have seen ezines with over 800,000 subscribed people. A normal solo ad for such a huge list costs around $1000-2000, which is not expensive at all.

If you want to build a list of subscribers, Directory of Ezines is a really good service. If you try to build a subscriber list using SEO services, link building or PPC, it will most likely take you anywhere from a few months to a few years.

The service really helps you generate quality leads, which you would not be able to do using any of the other hyped programs out there.

Another plus point is that once you subscribe, you will get to place free classified ads on the owner’s personal websites, you have the ability to submit articles and can even have a free telephone consultation with the owner on any topic that you want.

In my opinion, this is one of the best ezine services out there.

Need more info? Go here to explore it further, or even sign up if you want to.

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