Ever searched for various things in the same niche, only to see that it is dominated by a single website? Chances are, the website in question is an authority website as it has very high search engine rankings and is able to dominate search results.
Every webmaster would want to change his website in order to make it gain authority and recognition in the online world, but doing this is quite difficult, simply because a lot of people either do not have the expertise or the money.
Authority websites can be found at the top of search engine rankings, have thousands of pages of unique content, are visited millions of times a year and have a soaring PR. They also have countless backlinks, many of which are generated through REAL natural-linking process.
Everyone understands what elements an authority website has, but very few are really able to follow the process in order to make an authority website. The elements for authority websites are:
1. A unique idea presented with a good website design
2. Heavy advertising budget
3. Experienced SEO and marketing team
4. A long time-frame 3-5 years, in order to succeed.
5. Huge cash outlay needed to sustain the company for the first year or two.
Once the authority website is firmly in place, it can provide its owners with a lot of revenue for coming years.
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