Since the start of the internet and the search engines, SEO has always played an important role. In the older times, it was easy to rank on page one by submitting to a thousand directories. Now, search engines are getting smarter and therefore SEO is more difficult.
But does that mean SEO is about to die? A considerable number of people have been predicting the death of SEO as we know it. In my opinion this case is similar to some extra “knowledgeable” people who always seem to “know” that the world is coming to an end. Ironically, that never happens.
SEO will stay for as long as search engines allow visitors to visit websites free of charge. It is that simple. From what I see, although Google will get more intelligent which will make SEO difficult, it will not “kill” SEO because organic listings are on of the main assets of Google. Imagine webmasters paying Google for even the organic searches. Don’t you see a major problem with that?
If by any chance Google starts charging for organic listings, it will lose its business to other search engines. Charging for organic SEO will be a huge blow to “established” companies because it will increase their marketing expenditure, reduce their profit and put a downward pressure on business.
I do not see Google doing that, simply because it is not practical. Sure, Google would like to make only the best websites rank high, but even best websites need that little “push” in order to be effective and that is where SEO comes in.
So, yes the SEO game will change, but the death of SEO is nowhere near.