Let’s be honest: Anything which is free is mostly crap! But there are always exceptions. This article is just about using that one secret method of getting valuable links to your website without the hassle of paying another person for it.
So how do you get the free links? You get them by submitting your webpages (and not websites) to social bookmarking websites. Social bookmarking websites hold a lot of value for Google because:
1. The websites contain new information, which is easier to index.
2. The information is contributed by users and not bots (mostly).
3. The websites are based on the Web 2.0 model and are more interactive.
Therefore, if you continuously submit your unique content to social bookmarking websites, you will get:
1. A lot of links to your webpages
2. More link juice
3. Higher rankings
Nearly every webmaster knows that social bookmarking helps, but they just do not seem to find the right software to automate the task.
We have tried Bookmarking Demon and are very surprised by its efficiency! Bookmarking Demon creates all social bookmarking accounts for you with minimal help, indexes your pages, has randomization options and basically makes the task of bookmarking very easy.
Sure, you might not get the best link juice from social bookmarking websites (because prominent websites such as Mister Wong, Delicious and Furl) are now NoFollow, but there are many more websites in Bookmarking Demon where you can get DoFollow links.
Once you pay for the software ($147), it is virtually free for life, slashing that huge amount of expense you would always pay your SEO guy.
Bookmarking Demon helps but the links you get are not the best quality. Check out our link building services to get quality links!