While there are many ways to go about SEO, the best technique for ranking high quickly is to get links pointing to your website from a page with a high PR. Notice that I said PAGE and not website.
Do not get me wrong here. A link from a high PR website is beneficial as well, but a link from a high PR page can be valued against thousands of links. This is simply because Google Page Rank system gives links on a high PR way more weightage and importance.
But the problem with this approach, as you might imagine is: It is VERY costly.
To get an example of the pricing go to IsellPageRank.com, which is an excellent website with a good strategy, but the problem is that most of the visitors do not have the money to buy such costly links. One PR 6+ link costs above $250! Another drawback is that most of the links on that website will function only for 6 months. So you are paying a huge amount for limited usage.
But if you have some additional cash, buying a PR link directly on a PR page would be extremely beneficial.
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