In this article we will explain some basic “ingredients” which will make your SEO campaign more profitable in the long run.
Most internet marketers are confused as to what factors to attend to in order to make your website rank high. There are a lot of books cracking the “so-called-SEO-secrets” which have provided their buyers with nothing but rehashed junk. These books tell website owners to do just one thing in order to be “successful”.
The problem with SEO is that there is no secret. There is no hidden way to achieve higher rankings. What you need to do is ALL of the points mentioned below:
1. Have a solid idea and website design. Outsource this task by either going to Rent a Coder or Elance
2. Make sure your website URL has your targeted keywords in it.
3. Build links at a steady page from AUTHORITY websites using anchor texts. Look at our previous articles to find out how to do this, or utilize our services.
4. Make sure your on-page factors are attended to. For example, use a 3-5 % keyword density. Use your keywords in your title, description and H1 tags (but do not spam!).
5. Where applicable, submit a press release for your website every now and then. PR Web is an excellent website for press releases.
6. Ethically “Spy” on your competitors to figure out what they are doing right. Then do it. I have found SEO Spyglass a wonderful tool in achieving this.
7. Do what proves to work. Discard what does not.
8. Rinse and repeat.
This is easier said than done, but there really is no such thing as a free luch in SEO. If you get ranked high in the search engines for all your efforts, it will be a result well-worth the hassle!