Google changes its algorithms all the time as is evidence by the post here. This is a well-known fact and should be expected.
But it is a little surprising to see everyone going crazy over a small algorithm change. Although it is understandable that a change in the algorithm does cause a change in the SERPs, most of the time the change is only temporary. For example, during the recent change, this website vanished from Google altogether. It was on number 10 before. After a period of 10 days, without any SEO effort, the website came back up to its number 10 position.
So, when the algorithm changes, there might be a little change in the SERPs and some new functions might be added. But the basic SEO never changes!
The basic SEO is:
1. The fact that Google will always look at the number and quality of incoming links to your website to determine your rankings
2. The fact that Google will look at the aging factor of your website
3. That crappy websites will be penalized or banned.
The thing is, if you have done SEO & link building for your website in a manner which is acceptable to Google & with its policy & guidelines, you will remain ahead of the curve even if the algorithms get changed.
A lot of people say that your rankings will be DESTROYED because of a small algorithm change. I personally feel that is never the case. Google makes sure it makes small changes in its algorithm and because of that you should never expect a (long-term) drastic change in your rankings (unless you have done something horrible).
Here are some things which will enable you to keep ahead of the curve if the algorithm is changed:
1. Conduct your link building in a white-hat manner i.e. no link farms, no broken links, no spamming & no keyword stuffing
2. Make your website look interesting & easy to navigate
3.Do not do SEO for the hell of it, but when you have interesting content. Make sure you do not always build links to your homepage
4. Do not do anything especially targeted to decieve Google bots.
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