Do you need a personal guru to succeed in Internet marketing?

Recently, one of my favorite Internet gurus, Kim Roach, began offering her executive coaching service for a cost of $997. She pointed out in her promotional materials that she didn’t really start to see her own business take off until she got coaching from someone else and it got me thinking – do you really need to have executive coaching or can you do this on your own?

The Case for Executive Coaching

Okay, let’s start with the case for executive coaching.
It’s pretty simple – if you want to succeed in life, then having someone who is already successful become your mentor is generally a great way to do it. After all, they can help you to learn from their mistakes and give you the kind of one on one guidance that you’ll need in order to make your business grow.

Create Business Strategies

A personal coach can also help you with developing specific business strategies that match your company and your goals so that you can create the kind of website you want to create which will help you to make money online.

Spot You Like You’re At the Gym

Finally and probably most importantly, a good executive coach will help you to stay motivated. Just like going to the gym or going on a diet, you need an executive coach to help stay focused and on track. It’s easy after all to get discouraged and to forget about doing your job as an Internet marketer if you don’t have someone reminding you to do it.

Why Not to Go for Executive Coaching

So much for the reasons for doing executive coaching. There are also plenty of great reasons to ignore such coaching services.

Not Really So Personal

First, many so called “personal” coaching services aren’t really all that personal. If you are one of 50 people the person is coaching, then your time with the guru in question is by necessity going to be limited. Oh sure, you’ll get to attend to classes and online webinars. You may even be able to ask questions at such events.
However, in my humble opinion, that’s not the definition of personal coaching and frankly, I’m not sure how valuable it is to be able to ask an occasional question from people who have “made it.” You could just as easily do so online at places like Warrior Forum and Digital Point Forum for free.

Will They Really Push You?

Second, my feeling is that such coaching services only work for the truly motivated. The gurus, because they take on lots of people in such services won’t push you all that hard if you fall by the wayside. The trouble is, I feel like the biggest value you can get from such services is that you’d have someone to stand by your side and push you to get things done.

Bottom Line

Executive coaching and personal coaching services have their places. However, I’m not really convinced that simply having such a coach is likely to make you into an Internet marketing success if you aren’t already one. For me, I’d rather just push myself and follow the advice I can find for free or at low cost from various gurus online.