Getting your website indexed in less than a day is very easy. A lot of SEO gurus make it sound very `labor intensive`and difficult task to perform. In reality, it is the easiest thing to do in the SEO realm.
There are many websites out there which charge upwards of $75 to get your website indexed in Google. Although I can understand them charging for their services, $75 is too much to make one simple submission to get the website indexed.
Here is how you can do it yourself:
1. Go to a popular social bookmarking service such as Digg, Propeller etc.
2. Sign up for a free account.
3. Submit your website to them WITHOUT making your submission look spammy i.e. Use a simple keyword, title and description text.
4. If you want to make sure you are indexed, find out more social bookmarking websites and submit to them.
Here is the behind-the-scenes sneak peak:
1. Social bookmarking websites normally are quite popular and have a high PR. They are authority websites.
2. Google is known to crawl authority websites many times a day.
3. When you submit a link to them, the Google bot crawls through your links, gets to your website and indexes it.
Hope this helps!