I have always been looking for ways to get backlinks from authority websites more easily. Normally, it takes a lot of time to search the web for authority websites which have DoFollow tags attached to them.
The problem with getting links mainly lies with taking the time to find the right websites. Once you know which websites to post the link to, the process becomes easy.
I have never tohught YouTube would be such a good resource for link building & SEO techniques! I have been watching many videos and it has truly increased my knowledge on different methods that you can use for SEO.
In the video below, this guy literally tells you what command to type in Google to automatically search for various blogs which have the DoFollow tag attached to them.
With this technique, you can find blogs to post comments to in any niche! The only downside of this technique is that there is no automation as far as putting up the actual link is concerned. But then again, if the link building was automated, the links would be spammy and would not be accepted.
Check this video out and you will learn how to build effective backlinks without paying companies for their directory submission services 😀