I have been using Bookmarking Demon for over a month now and I can say with confidence that the software is very automated. Because of its high automation level, Bookmarking Demon can do the mundane task of submitting content to over 100 websites in under 5 minutes.
Another huge advantage of using Bookmarking Demon is that it actually creates all your accounts for you and submits your content to social bookmarking websites with the click of a button. None of the other social bookmarking software out there fully automate the creation of accounts.
However, I must say that although the software is great when you use it, it is not for everyone. For example, if you do not update the content of your website consistently, there is no point using Bookmarking Demon because the basic idea of the software is to bookmark new content. If you keep on bookmarking the same content over and over again, you will get banned from social bookmarking websites. So if you have only 1 website which you do not update frequently, do not buy this software.
Another important point to remember is that Bookmarking Demon cannot be used as the only tool for online marketing. The links that you get from social bookmarking websites do not hold as much value as users think. I have submitted over 40 blog posts to around 60 bookmarking websites and have seen a minimal increase in links and rankings. The designer of this software claims to receive steady traffic by using this software everyday. As far as my usage of this software goes, the traffic return is very minimal.
On the upside, Bookmarking Demon is a great tool to make sure your website or content gets indexed very quickly. A lot of SEO companies charge around $50-100 for getting your website indexed. Using Bookmarking Demon for a new website can eliminate this cost.
That being said, although I have used Bookmarking Demon for over a month, I have not seen it bring a lot of traffic to the website. Sure, it can help you get indexed quickly, but from the traffic point of view the returns are minimal. I would say that the software should be used to get more links and not traffic. If you use the software everyday, you should see an increase in links.
I would still recommend buying this piece of software if you have many niche websites.