I was reading an article on how to make sure Google does not catches your SEO techniques and it got me thinking. Although the author if the article talks about a lot of stuff in the article, one point literally stared me in the face.
The point was: Dont yell out your secret SEO tactics, especially if you are successful!
The reason why I could personally relate to this point above is that fact that I used to openly divulge my SEO techniques. Now, informing your readers about your techniques and methods would increase the trust element, I understand. But if you tell your visitors the whole trick, two things will happen.
Firstly, there will be more competition because as others read up on your techniques and implement them, you will find yourself running around in circles. The whole idea of a new trick is that not everyone is doing it. Think about it, if everyone knows the best way to rank high quickly and efficiently, it would not remain the best way to rank high for a long time.
Secondly, you would just have Google crack down on you. Now I am not saying that all SEO people use black-hat tactics, but some new (and efficient) SEO tricks do make use of Google loopholes.
The moral of the story is: If something works, keep doing it with your mouth shut!
I will personally start following that advice starting now!
I just wanted to add that this accomplished internet marketers fully understand this phenomenon and evade it to their advantage. That is why when you buy a Get Rich Quick course, it does not work. It does not work because the internet marketer kept on using the secret method until it worked, and when it stopped working, he decided to pump out an e-book or course.
Now, I am not saying that that happens all the time, but to a certain extent it is true.
But I am digressing. If you want your SEO tactics to remain intact, give your clients or visitors only a whiff of it. Once you get business from them, help them out.